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When you lose your why. You lose your way!

Having the opportunity to help others to feel the best they have ever felt is a blessing I never knew would mean so much to me. I am a coach to business owners, entrepreneurs and success orientated individuals. However, my coaching is not the latest sales tactic, social media marketing gimmick or latest piece of tech. My business coach service centres around energising and optimising the most valuable asset your business has… You! When you are operating at your best level all the other things you invest in miraculously start working better. Funny that!

But here’s the thing.

No matter my knowledge, my passion, my coaching programs or my winning smile…

O.K. Maybe not the smile 😲

If my clients lose sight of their why it becomes really hard to help them to their goals.

You see most people don’t have a problem doing what they need to IF…

Most people don’t have a problem finding the resources they need IF…

Most people will find the motivation IF…

Most people will find the discipline IF…


If they have a big enough why for what they are doing.

We all have a why, we just need to remind ourselves now and again.

My Why?

Unfortunately, I grew up watching my father suffer from a multitude of health challenges.

That was tough and also frustrating.

He never played football with me.

Or took me fishing.

Or joined in the father-son days at school.

But even more difficult for me was watching an intelligent and loving man unable to fulfil his passion and provide for us, his family in the way I know he would have wished.

That was hard to witness and to look back on.


Even though I did not realise it growing up, my father subconsciously gave me the greatest gift he ever could.

From his suffering, I developed the belief that my health, energy and mindset was the most important thing for my success. And my ability to provide the life I want for myself and those I love.

Thanks Dad!

That’s my why!

A why is a powerful thing!

What’s yours? Reply to this email I would love to know!

Wishing you health, wealth and wisdom,





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Glen Mitchell Photographygmp


Glen Mitchell Photographygmp