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Hello and welcome to today’s inspirational blog post for business owners looking for a business coach that does things a little differently…

Most business owners out there will fail within a year! Well, Glen. That’s not very inspirational so far I hear you say…

Give me a minute… The real question is why do they fail? It’s not because they lack drive or knowledge or a great product or service. Nope, it’s because they aim their business spaceship for the stars, without making sure that they filled it up with the right fuel.

What do I mean by that? I mean that they built this bright and shiny spaceship (your product or service) without making sure that the fuel that drives it (you) is the best it can be.

You have habits that you’ve built over a lifetime and they have got you to where you are. Unfortunately, what got you to Egypt will not get you to the promised land. You need new habits to fuel you and your business spaceship to greater heights.

“Chains of Habit Are Too Light To Be Felt Until They Are Too Heavy to Be Broken” – Warren Buffett

He’s right, I mean a man that is worth 90+ billion dollars probably knows a thing or two. Habits don’t just happen overnight, they are developed over days, weeks, months, years. You may not even realise they are there. Of course, some are good habits, some are bad and some just need to be replaced with upgraded versions. So, how do you break free of those old chains? Let go of their weight?

You start small.

The small changes soon add up to become big shifts. There is true power in the incremental. That is where the real change happens.

Changing your habits changes everything.

Your day no longer runs you.

You run it.

Your phone doesn’t constantly beep at you with the latest distraction. You say no to the extra glass of wine. (It’s is perfectly acceptable to not finish the bottle) You don’t let your inbox run your workday. The Peloton you bought at the start of lockdown becomes more than just a place to hang your clothes.

“I’m interested” I hear you say “but how can I make this happen”?

1. You have to make the new good habit, the easiest habit to do.

2. You have to make the old worst habit, the hardest thing to do.

Example Old Habit:

You get to work and open your inbox. You work through lunch because you never even started that thing you said was your priority. You spend the afternoon trying to play catch-up. You never catch up. You head for home. Your phone which has been pinging all day stays pinging with you all night. You never relax. You watch Netflix with those you love, however, none of you pays attention to each other. Sleep comes… Eventually. Sound familiar?

Example New Habit:

How about this… You get to the office and you leave your phone in the car or if that sends too many shivers down your spine… You turn on Aeroplane mode. You DO NOT open your inbox but you open up the project you are working on and start to work on the thing that lights you up. A couple of hours go by in a flash and you feel fantastic about what you have accomplished. You go for a walk at lunch. You come back refreshed open the inbox and set yourself a limited time to deal with the emails you have. You finish the day ahead of what you needed to do. You turn on your phone and look at all the notifications. You realise that out of the 376 notifications you only need to reply or interact with 7 of them. That takes 7 minutes! You go home greet your family, enjoy supper screen-free and switch off for a good nights rest feeling relaxed with a sense of accomplishment! Sound better?

Changing a little. Changes a lot.

A massive shift in the day came from 2 small incremental actions. Turning your phone onto aeroplane mode and not starting the day with your inbox.

Trust me, these small shifts will change your day. Which will change your week. Which will change your month. Which will change your year.

Change a little. Change a lot.

Wishing you health, wealth and wisdom,





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