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Unleash the Power Within

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I am guessing that Tony Robbins does not need much of introduction to anyone reading this. For over 30 years he has advised leaders around the world and has become a world authority on personal development. When I first came across TR I must admit to thinking “jeez this guy is too much!” As an introvert watching and listening to this MASSIVE extrovert I felt a little awkward and if I am honest intimidated. However, as Tony would say “repetition is the mother of success” and he kept coming up in my life (not sure if this was an example of the Law of Attraction or Good Marketing on his part?) Probably both! Unleash the Power Within is his signature live program and I listened to the audiobook recording via Audible.

Thrive Notes from Unleash the Power Within.

Become outstanding! When you become outstanding! When you stand out from everyone else you get the rewards you deserve. Here is the real nugget… Outstanding is just a little bit better than excellent, which most of us reading this already are! What’s the gap between Excellent and Outstanding I hear you ask? It is not usually a skill difference it is a mindset difference. The Psychology and personal Philosophy of the individual. Something I devote a lot of time to in my coaching programs.

Don’t live by a philosophy of someday.  A simple principle but like so many things, just because we know it, it does not mean we do it. Want to lose weight? Get a raise? Start your own business? Find the partner of your dreams? Move countries? Whatever the thing you want to do is it starts Today not Someday!

The change you want to make in your life comes from a decision. Again a simple saying but as Tony says in UPW “People say to me if it was that easy I would have already done it.” Well, It is that easy and you are still not doing it. A decision is from the Latin incision – to cut off from. To cut off any possibility apart from the thing that you have decided to commit to. That is a decision.

If something does not work, change it. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” A funny human trait that I am also very guilty of is getting stuck in a pattern. Tony tells us that if something we are doing on the way to our success is not working then we need to change it. And if that does not work what do we do? Change it!

And if that does not work what do we do? Change it!

And if that does not work what do we do? Change it!

And if that does not work what do we do? Change it!

And if All of that does not work what do we do? Change it!

How many times to we change it? Until we get what we want!

Change is a Must not a Should. Change has to become a must not a should. “I should” is not compelling or powerful enough to make change happen.

Don’t live in no-mans land.

Don’t live in no-mans land. Tony says the worst place to live is to not be HAPPY but to not be UNHAPPY enough to do anything about it. In my coaching, I call this the view from halfway up. The view is nice halfway up to the top of your mountain. You feel like you worked hard to get here and you could just stop. Your comfortable, rested and have a sense of achievement. Sure, it’s not the summit. But, now you look up and the summit seems so far away… So you stay for another few hours, hours turn to days, days turn to weeks and before you know it you have built yourself a little cabin and you watch as other climbers pass by on the way to the top. Your comfortable but there is this nagging thing in your mind that you can’t shake. And every time you wake up and step outside you see the peak of the mountain and know your not happy, just comfortable. Who wants to live here!

And Finally… My Favourite Excerpt from Unleash The Power Within.

“Take Massive Action. Massive action can be a cure-all when you know what you’re after and why you want it. Because when you know what your after and you take action you won’t just be expending energy but you will be moving yourself in a direction towards something you REALLY REALLY want!”




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